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《Fun in Taiwan! The Best Guide to Taiwan(16K彩色+1MP3)》 Taiwan is a small country with a rich diversity of scenery, history, food, and culture. For tourists coming to the island, there’s a lot to see and experience. This book will take you around Taiwan and introduce you to many aspects of life and culture here. There are 27 chapters, which have been split into six major topics: Introduction, Travel and Accommodation, Food and Beverages, Shopping Experience, Scenic Spots and Attractions, and Customs and Festivals. Each chapter includes a reading passage, two dialogs, two exercises, and extra information. This book gives you an opportunity to broaden your vocabulary and enhance your reading comprehension and speaking skills. Features of each chapter: ★Vocabulary Essential words that you need to pay extra attention to are listed at the beginning of each chapter. Take a look at all the vocabulary before you go on to the passage. ★Reading passage Each chapter contains a reading passage on the main topic. Detailed information about Taiwan’s culture, history, religion, language, food, or attractions is provided in the passages. ★Reading Comprehension Multiple choice questions will help you test your comprehension of the information in the passage. ★Dialogs Each chapter has two dialogs based on the information given in the passage. By reading the dialogs with a partner, you can practice your conversation skills and learn how to talk about Taiwan in English with your foreign friends. ★Vocabulary Test The tests will help you review the vocabulary in each chapter and help you remember the words more fully. ★Extra Information At the end of each chapter, there are a few short passages that contain additional information about Taiwan. ★Colorful pictures Colorful pictures are used throughout the book to give you to better understanding of the reading passages and extra information. We hope this will help you learn English in a more relaxing way. 本書是針對觀光餐飲相關科系學生以及熱愛旅遊的廣大讀者,所撰寫以台灣為主題之旅遊英語。全書以六大單元,共27章節,分別介紹台灣之地理、氣候、歷史、文化、語言、宗教、飲食、購物、禮俗、節慶、觀光景點等,旨在帶領讀者以英語閱讀台灣,進而能夠以英語描述台灣。本書作者以其豐富的在台經驗,用道地的英語寫成此書,相信必能幫助讀者增進英文閱讀與口說能力。 本書特色 ★重點字彙 每一章節一開始先提供本章的重點字彙及詞性,有助於讀者在文中看到這些詞彙時,能夠更留意字彙的使用方法。 ★閱讀文章 每一章包含一篇閱讀文章,文章扣緊主題,詳述台灣之文化、飲食、交通、景點等。此部分是本書學習的重點,在瞭解如何使用英文描述台灣之後,再輔以後面單元的會話練習,方能致用。 ★閱讀測驗 在閱讀文章之後,緊接著是五小題難度適中的閱讀測驗。此部分全部採取選擇題的方式,讀者須依據前面的文章內容來回答問題,有助於測驗讀者是否理解前述的文章內容。 ★會話練習 每一章皆有兩篇會話,內容取自前面閱讀文章所讀過的內容,編寫相關對話,讓讀者練習實際的口說情境。此部分對於觀光英語的實際應用,非常有幫助。 ★字彙測驗 每一章皆針對大部分的重點字彙編寫測驗題,協助讀者理解字彙意義,並幫助記憶。 ★補充資訊 每一章的結尾會額外補充台灣的相關小知識,例如文化、飲食或景點等主題,讀者可以自行運用在日常會話裡。 ★全彩照片 全書編排數百張的全彩照片輔助學習,不僅有助於理解文章內容,更用以提供額外資訊給讀者。讀者也可以藉由觀看照片,提高英語的學習效率。 ★MP3光碟 計對文章和對話,錄製內容完整的MP3內容,全面提升英語的聽說能力!

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