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Start right in e-business : a step-by-step guide to successful e-business implementation /

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E-business occurs when a company has established critical business procedures and activities to support e-commerce transactions. Using this definition, e-commerce is part of e-business--a company needs e-commerce to implement e-business. Utilizing e-commerce, however, does not mean that a company has transformed into an e-business. E-business is implemented only when a company changes its internal procedures to take advantage of the e-commerce technologies.Interest in the evolution ("e-volution") of e-commerce into e-business is a growth field. With the early November announcement that GM and Ford were forming online marketplaces for their suppliers, they placed themselves at the center of new e-business ecosystems that will transform their entire way of doing business. Many firms are increasingly discovering opportunities to move away from simply selling products on the Internet to being able to reinvent their conventional supply chains (as in the auto makers' case) and to being able to offer custom-built products (as Dell Computers does now). Key Features* Implement e-business in 13 specific proven actions* Implement e-business with reduced risk to your business* Coordinate e-business implementation with current business* Use e-business as a means to renew and improve your current business* Motivate employees to participate in e-business* Achieve more flexible business processes* Deal with technical, vendor, process, and other e-business issuesAnswers Questions Such as:* How do you implement e-business without tearing up your company?* How do you define your new e-business processes and synchronize them with your current business?* How and with what do you manage outsourcing in e-business?* How do you measure your e-business implementation and results?* How do you change your organization to be a spearhead for e-business?* What is the best way to develop your e-business implementation strategy?* How do you quickly gather data on the competition and your current business?* How do you design new business activities that modify your current processes and define e-business?

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