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Fixed income securities : tools for today's markets /

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內容簡介top Fixed Income Securities 簡介 An up-to-date look at the most important issues surrounding fixed income securitiesFixed-income securities traditionally promised fixed cash flows (like bonds), but with recent innovations in this field, including products for which the promised cash flows depend on the level of interest rates, a new understanding of this subject is needed. That's why Bruce Tuckman and Angel Serrat have returned to create the Third Edition of Fixed Income Securities. Considered the go-to-guide for information on fixed income securities, this latest edition covers the most advanced thinking in the field and comprehensively shows how to value the complete universe of fixed income securities. Included are all the latest fixed income securities valuation models and techniques, as well as expert insights on their applications in real-world situations. The Third Edition also contains two new chapters dedicated to foreign exchange markets and corporate bonds, and credit-default swaps.Reflects the most current thinking on valuation and modeling of fixed income securitiesIncludes examples, applications, and case studies to illustrate the practical uses of difficult conceptsFollows a modern approach to fixed income application and risk controlA companion Workbook is also available so you can hone your skills and test the knowledge you've gained from the actual textFixed Income Securities, Third Edition approaches a theoretically demanding field from the working professional's point of view. From swaps and options to spreads of spreads and basis trades, this hands-on guide goes straight to the heart of fixed income knowledge and provides a template for trading and investing in the twenty-first-century marketplace.

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