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The Oxford history of Western music /

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內容簡介top The Oxford History of Western Music 簡介 Based on the award-winning six-volume work by Richard Taruskin, The Oxford History of Western Music, College Edition, presents the most up-to-date and comprehensive history of Western music available.Distinctive Features?Offers a unique focus on the people behind music history?Places musical works within their larger cultural, social, and political contexts, providing a compelling narrative of music history?Covers music of all eras along with a special emphasis on the most studied works of the past 200 years?Improves critical thinking by offering differing perspectives on how the Western musical canon developed?Builds listening and analysis skills through comprehensive discussion of key works?Includes helpful learning and study tools (timelines, maps, musical examples and diagrams, chapter summaries, key terms, study questions, and a glossary)Offering a complete package for building students' understanding and appreciation of the classical canon, this groundbreaking text is also supplemented by a variety of high-quality resources:?Instructor's Resource CD containing a computerized test bank, an Instructor's Manual, study questions, PowerPoint-based lecture slides, and links to Oxford Music Online?A free companion website (www.oup.com/us/taruskin) with chapter outlines, key terms and definitions, and suggested links; through an access code card included with the purchase of a new text, students will also gain free 18-month access to Oxford Music Online, including Grove's Dictionary of Music?Three score anthologies* featuring scores of key works discussed in the text and introductory essays prepared by a team of expert authors; a full three-volume CD set* corresponding to the three score anthologies contains musical examples from the anthologies in high-quality MP3 format--- Volume 1: The Earliest Notations to the Early Eighteenth CenturyEdited by David J. Rothenberg and Robert R. Holzer?V1 Print Anthology: 9780199768257?V1 Recorded Anthology (2 CDs): 9780199768288--- Volume 2: The Mid-Eighteenth Century to the Late Nineteenth CenturyEdited by Kl咬a M咬icz and David E. Schneider?V2 Print Anthology: 9780199768264?V2 Recorded Anthology (3 CDs): 9780199768295--- Volume 3: The Twentieth CenturyEdited by Kl咬a M咬icz and David E. Schneider?V3 Print Anthology: 9780199768271?V3 Recorded Anthology (2 CDs): 9780199768301?A concise edition of recordings* is also available on 3 CDs: 9780199768318* Sold separately

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