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Cross-border partnerships in higher education : strategies and issues /

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內容簡介top Cross-border Partnerships in Higher Education 簡介 "Sakamoto and Chapman's Cross-border Partnerships takes the reader far beyond the usual institutional patterns, such as international student recruitment, foreign branch campuses, and distance learning, to much broader, more complex, and nuanced forms of internationally collaborative partnerships among scholars, multinational and governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations. This is a well selected set of chapters, effectively introduced and intelligently brought together at the end."---D. Bruce Johnstone, Suny Distinguished Service Professor of Higher and Comparative Education Emeritus, and Director, International Comparative Higher Education Finance and Accessibility Project."Cross-border Partnerships in Higher Education is a welcome addition to the academic literature on the scope and impact of international partnerships in a very dynamic higher education market. Robin Sakamoto and David Chapman should be congratulated for this excellent contribution that can guide higher education institutions all over the world in thinking more strategically and achieving better results as they engage in cross-border partnerships."---Jamil Salmi, Tertiary Education Coordinator, The World Bank, Washington, DC.Cross-border Partnerships in Higher Education looks beyond student and faculty exchanges to examine the myriad ways international colleges and universities work together as institutions. These partnerships have involved the creation of branch campuses, joint research and technology initiatives, collaboration in strengthening institutional management, testing, faculty development efforts, collaboration in quality assurance, and sharing of technology. Cross-national collaborations are a growing financial and informational resource for universities, and non-Western schools are increasingly taking part.The volume provides an overview of the purposes and types of cross-border collaborations, an analysis of the benefits, and an examination of issues arising from these efforts. A cross-cutting goal is to provide a critical look at the models being employed, the challenges encountered, and the unintended consequences of such collaboration, both positive and negative. The book is intended for scholars and students of international higher education, higher education leaders and practitioners who are charting a course toward greater cross-border collaboration, and leaders in international development assistance organizations that are often asked to support such initiatives.

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