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  English for Specialized Science and Technology is a textbook designed for students studying in science and technology related fields, as well as for general readers interested in scientific and technical subjects.

What is the design of this book?

  This book has 47 chapters. Each chapter is an article that models a scientific or technical essay and is followed by several sets of exercises designed to help the reader identify vocabulary specific to scientific and technology writing.

What is the purpose of this book?

  The aim of this book is to help students develop basic skills in reading science and technology related publications, including essays, magazines, reports, etc.

  Using context clues and word analysis, the reader will engage in discovering meaning and use of 15-20 subject-related words in each article. By working through each chapter of this book, the student will enhance his or her vocabulary skills and analytical reading skills.

  esides vocabulary and reading skill development, this textbook also provides

  excellent resources for research on current scientific and technical topics.

What is the content of this book?

  Contained in this book are 47 chapters of information about some of the most recent and exciting topics in the scientific and technical area. It includes Green Building, Biomedical Engineering, Hybrid Cars, Stem Cells, Semiconductors and Energy Efficiency, Nanomanufacturing, Mobile Computing, Food Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Spacecraft Systems, Light Pollution, and Mars etc.




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