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How to sound clever : master the 600 everyday words you pretend to understand-- when you don't /

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原來你是這個意思!   這本實用的英語學習書,讓你聽說讀寫都效率倍增,以600個常用關鍵字為主軸,詳細說明字源、字義,並附上生活化的例句。這600字都是一般報章雜誌或是書本裡的熟面孔,例如”agent provocateur”和”apparatchik”這類人們常見卻未必理解的單字。  有別於一般單調的同類書籍,作者特別加入了與字彙相關的短篇故事與插畫,幫助讀者加深印象,讀來也更愉快愜意。最重要的是,從這本書開始,你就能擺脫一知半解的生活,讓字彙量帶動你的英語能力更上一層樓,在人群中脫穎而出!(文/博客來編譯)   How to Sound Clever explains the etymology of 600 key words you really ought to know, but haven’t had the time to look up in the dictionary. Each entry features an etymological description as well as useful example phrases so that readers can quickly see the correct context for each word. Anecdotes and witty illustrations appear throughout to make a book that is entertaining and will help the reader to boost their vocabulary. An ideal gift and a useful book for everyone have to hand when they come across a word you should know, but don’t.   Colin Dexter has described How to Sound Clever thus: ’This admirable book is a wholly welcome antidote to the semi-demi-literacy of the 21st century. Go out and buy it!

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