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Conversation analysis and second language pedagogy : a guide for ESL/EFL teachers /

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內容簡介top Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy 簡介 Conversation and speaking skills are the key building blocks for much of language learning. This text increases teachers?awareness about spoken language and suggests ways of applying that knowledge to teaching second-language interaction skills based on insights from Conversation Analysis (CA). Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy:reviews key CA concepts and findingsdirectly connects findings from CA with second language pedagogypresents a model of interactional practices grounded in CA conceptsincludes numerous transcripts of actual talkinvites readers to complete a variety of tasks to solidify and extend their understandingsfeatures a useful collection of practical teaching activities. The time is ripe for a book that blends conversation analysis and applied linguistics. This text takes that important step, extending the reaches of these once separate academic fields. Assuming neither background knowledge of conversation analysis nor its connection to second language teaching, it is designed for courses in TESOL and applied linguistics and as a resource for experienced teachers, material developers, and language assessment specialists seeking to update their knowledge and hone their craft.

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