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太極樂慢活=Lohas Tai-Chi:學太極拳的第一本書:Tai Chi Chuan for the beginner

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太極.東方智慧的體現 Tai Chi-Ultimate Wisdom of the Orient 樂活.時尚的健康與幸福 LOHAS-Pursuit of Health and Happiness in Style 慢活.品味生活與人生 Slow Living-Life in Perfect 精選八個太極拳經典招式,串聯成優美流暢套路,透過身心靈循序漸進引導,每天只要五分鐘,就能給你一輩子的健康與快活! Eight essential Tai Chi Chuan forms stream up into a fluent course of health exercise.Meditation techniques guide you through a training course for body, mind, and soul enhancement.Five minutes a day give you a lifetime of health and energy.Balance 本書特色: 學太極的第一本書,內文中英文並陳,耗資百萬製作影片,用國際級的動畫特效,完整秀出太極呼吸吐納運功的效果,讓觀想更具象。 樂活太極八式 舒壓、養生、防身 同步體驗 Eight-Form LOHAS Tai Chi for Relaxation, Health, and Self-defense 50分鐘精采教學影片 讓3D動畫引導你快速學會太極拳 50 minutes of instructional video illustrated with 3D animation to guide you through a quick course of Tai Chi Chuan 隨書附贈「樂活180手冊」書友獨享超值Coupon:兆豐農場、優質民宿、蔡志忠禪風商品…… 活動期間自2011/12/31止更多未來書城訊息 http://ebookcity.pixnet.net/blog

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