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Green products : perspectives on innovation and adoption /

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Sharing successful examples of sustainable products from around the world, Green Products: Perspectives on Innovation and Adoption supplies an in-depth analysis of the key factors that influence the adoption of sustainable products. It examines case studies of green production and consumption from a business perspective--considering both technological and public-policy concerns. The text presents stories of success in green production and explains what made them successful. It includes coverage of: Sustainable tourism in the Galapagos Islands The revival of battery-powered electric vehicles in Japan The transition from oil dependency to sustainability in Denmark The promise of sugarcane ethanol as a cleaner fuel alternative Sustainable urban mass transport Mapping the universe of green products, this book is the result of a joint effort of researchers affiliated with the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Praise for the book: ...covers a wide range of topics, from energy to automobiles to tourism, in impressive depth. --Michael A.
Cusumano, author of Staying Power, and SMR Distinguished Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management ! should be on the shelf of every manager and educator, as resource and inspiration. --Andrew A. King, professor, Tuck School of Business, and co-founder, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability ! an excellent starting point in the analysis of production possibilities compatible with the requirements of sustainability and environmental friendliness. --Emilio Ontiveros, AFI chairman and board member of Iberdrola Renovables

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