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Known for its scholarship and easy-to-read style and format, "Learning: Principles and Applications, Sixth Edition" shows students the relevance of basic learning processes through real-world examples, vignettes, critical thinking questions, and applications. In this new edition, the content has been updated and reorganized to reflect changes in the field and the pedagogical features have been strengthened and highlighted to continue to help students better comprehend the subject matter. It features: Chapter Opening Vignettes and real-world examples peppered through the text, engage the reader and make concepts more relevant to their experience; Before You Go On bulleted questions emphasize mastery of key concepts throughout every chapter; End-of-chapter Critical Thinking questions help students integrate and apply chapter material; Coverage of Biological Influences on learning and memory outshines other texts; Theories of Learning and Applications are presented in the same chapters for better continuity; and, a special focus on Cognition reflects new directions in the field.

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