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History of English literature 1660-1837. from the restoration to the romantic ear including summaries, biographies, analysis of literary trends, and cultural and historical background

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1660 TO 1837

A complete study of English literature

from Dryden and the Restoration, Pope and Swift,

Johnson, and the development of the English

novel to the poets and prose

writers of the Romantic movement.

Included are invaluable synopses and

commentaries on all major and many minor works ;

useful, information-packed biographies

of major and lesser figures ; and a detailed

examination of all important literary trends.

This is the second in a series of

three volumes tracing the history of

English literature from its earliest

beginnings to the present day.


Martin S. Day was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins, where he received his Ph.D. degree.

  梁實秋先生推崇 Martin S. Day 的 History of English Literature 「在英文寫的英國文學教科書中,......是最充實最清楚的一部。」本書包含作家的簡介,作品的提要以及文藝思潮和文化歷史背景分析。內容詳瞻,文筆流暢,二十年來廣為國內外大學英文系所採用。此一版本為本公司獲得授權對海內外發行之國際版。

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