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Studying disability : multiple theories and responses /

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Understanding Disability is a core text on understanding and working with disabled clients. It is an integrative and comprehensive text of the history, current status, theory, and practice implications for students who are studying disability from a numerous interdisciplinary studies. This is the first book to present theories from various disciplines and then set forward a new integrative theory across disciplines. The book presents a history of disability with a focus on Western and non-Western cultures and examines the historical conceptions of disability and how they have affected the lives and civil rights of the disabled. It then presents the various theoretical approaches to understanding disability as well as new and emerging theories. And finally, the book concludes with a section on application of theory to practice and policy in the professional and public realm and the recommendation of a socially just community for the full range of disabled individuals.�� This unique text tackles disability from a broad range of interdisciplinary studies (see below), and sets forth a new integrative theory including: Disability studies Sociology Human services Rehabilitation counseling Medical / public health Examines existing theory and sets forth new theory Applies theory to diverse academic and professional disciplines Provides guidance on the advancement of social justice and human rights within a global perspective Includes ’Thought Points’ that aim to stimulate critical thinking Student-friendly writing style by experienced authors

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