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SAP smart forms : creating forms quickly and easily : no programming required /

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Move over, SAPscript. SAP Smart Forms are far more convenient. This book shows you how to use this key tool, released in 4.6C, and gives you all the basic knowledge for the production, functions, and handling of Smart Forms. Learn the ins and outs of integrating text, graphics, and data into your forms, plus discover the printing, e-mail, and Web options that are available. In addition, numerous practice exercises enable you to hit the ground running with form production procedures. An extensive appendix offers volumes of highly-detailed information. This book is an indispensable technical reference. Highlights include: · Essential tools for creating forms · Expert advice on form layout · Elementary knot types · What you need to know about form data · Data output and logical sequence · ABAP programming with forms · Implementing and using a support program · Special output procedures · Migration of SAPscript forms · New developments in Basis Release 6.10 · Plus much more!

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