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Teaching with movies : recreation, sports, tourism, and physical education /

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Teaching With Movies: Recreation, Sports, Tourism, and Physical Education shows you how to use 77 popular culture and documentary films as effective teaching tools in recreation, leisure, tourism, sport management, and physical education courses. Through this all-in-one resource, you will learn how to use films to help students retain important course concepts and how this medium can support learning on a particular topic or extend or reemphasize classroom learning. The authors explain how to use films for students with any learning style, and they include these features:19 core concepts, such as environmental issues, leadership, diversity, and commercial recreation, so you can easily find movies that reinforce specific themesGuidance in preparing for, teaching, and evaluating movies in your classroom A strong foundation for justifying the use of movies as educational tools Tools for effectively teaching each movie, including framing methods, discussion questions, and debriefing activities for further exploration of recreation-related concepts Teaching With Movies supplies you with a clear, simple template covering the important information for each movie at a glance, and it includes easy-to-implement guides for each film. A movie finder, which lists all the films in the book and shows which themes are covered by each film, will help you consider what movies are relevant to your class and the topics you are teaching. Movies are categorized by topic into recreation, leisure, tourism, sport management, and physical education curricula. In addition, for each film the authors provide guidance on framing the movie for your students, discussion and reflection questions, other learning activities, and evaluation tools for the experience. For the bulk of the movies included in this guide, recreation instructors who have used the films in their classes were surveyed about each movie's topics and relevance to courses, its important scenes, and its relationship to recreation, leisure, tourism, sport management undergraduate and graduate courses, and high school and university physical education courses. All of the movies featured in this book can be found at most neighborhood video rental stores or in your university library. Teaching With Movies will help you engage students, vary your teaching methods, and teach important concepts--through movies!

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