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Asia and China in the global economy /

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The volume represents a collection of papers that examine important topical themes related to the rise of China and Asia in the global economy. It offers many useful insights on several issues that are hotly debated in the international community, especially in the aftermath of the recent global financial crisis. The contributors are renowned experts from academic institutions, central banks, and international organizations. Their analyses and points of view offer valuable insights for researchers and policymakers who are interested in the recent developments in China, Asia, and the global economy. Specifically, the thirteen chapters contained in the volume address four broad themes. The first theme covers the contentious issue of renminbi valuation, which has significant implications for the debate on global imbalances. The second theme is on open macroeconomics that highlights the interactions between countries in the globalization era. The third theme covers currency internationalization and financial markets in Asia. In particular, two chapters discuss renminbi internationalization and yen internationalization, while the other two papers examine yen carry trade and the Asian credit card market. The fourth theme is on fiscal and monetary policies in Asian countries.

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