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China as a leader of the world economy /

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After the 1978 Economic Reform, China's economic development has been on a fast track ever since. Later on, the successful accession into the WTO in 2001 accelerated China's economic transformation and made it more integrated with the world. Today, as the second-largest economy in the world, China has earned herself a leading role on the world stage beyond dispute. This book provides readers with answers to why and how China functions as a leader in the world economy. The book surveys China's economy in four parts - economic institutions, economic problems, important economic policies and selective economic analysis, especially including many hot issues like revaluation of the Reminbi, China's high inflation rate and its relations with other emerging markets, etc. These essays are the author's latest research findings from his close and constant observation and research on China's economy in the past 30 years, and have been published in China's newspapers with a large number of readers. Meanwhile, this book is written in a manner that is thorough and objective without being too technical. It could serve as a reference book for professionals as the treatment of many topics is original and illuminating, and as an authoritative guide for general readers who are eager to understand China's economic development better and get an idea of China's economic future.

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