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Data structures, algorithms, and applications in Java /

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Sahni's "Data Structures, Algorithms, and Applications in Java" is designed to be used in a second course in computer science (CS2). Using Java, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental data structures, making it an excellent choice for a CS2 course. The author has made this book student-friendly through intuitive discussion, real-world, applications and a gentle introduction. Sahni is unique in providing several real-world applications for each data structure presented in the book. These applications come from such areas as sorting, compression and coding, and image processing. These applications give students a flavor for the sorts of things they will be able to do with the data structures that they are learning. Almost 1,000 exercises in this text serve to reinforce concepts and get students applying what they are learning. Sahni's text is also accompanied by a web site containing all the programs in the book, as well as sample data, generated output, solutions to selected exercises, and enhanced discussion of selected material in the text.

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