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For courses in Electronic Commerce. Global e-Commerce: Text and Cases builds theory, fundamentals and structure to show how business models are being transformed by the evolving business order. It combines the traditional business and economics concepts and the emerging principles and theories to draw a blueprint for the network economy. It also uses a set of rich global case studies to show how companies can use the marketspace to expand their market reach, minimize costs, shorten production and ordering cycle time, and ultimately enhance customer value and loyalty. *A rich mix of 16 full-fledged case studies of companies operating in different parts of the world - Highlight specific contexts within which the new business order is taking shape. *Reinforces the application of concepts covered in the book and places e-commerce in an international context. *An up-to-date set of company vignettes - Highlight a particular problem or challenge. *Allows students to apply concepts in a business environment. *Ten chapters covered in four modules - Module 1: Building a New Business Ecosystem outlines the way in which the three major parts of the emerging e-commerce environment - the marketspace, infrastructure and regulatory framework - come together; Module 2: Conducting Business in the Marketspace evaluates viability of different e-commerce business models; Module 3: Building and Managing e-Relationships describes how to develop and sustain relationships in the marketspace through the appropriate mix of technology, customer relationship management and trust; and Module 4: Transforming the Enterprise explains the roles that techno-business architecture and process management play in transforming a company into an internetworked enterprise.

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