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Frontiers in resource and rural economics /

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Most land in the United States is in rural areas, as are the sources of most of its fresh water and almost all its other natural resources. One of the first books to approach resource economics and rural studies as interconnected areas of study, Frontiers in Resource and Rural Economics integrates the work of 18 leading scholars to focus on two complex interdependencies -- one pertaining to natural resources and human welfare, the other to urban and rural communities and their economies.The book contrasts the different approaches of resource and rural economics and considers how they might be refocused in light of pressing demands on human and natural systems. It then proposes a "new rural economics" that acknowledges the full range of human-ecosystem and urban-rural interdependencies. It explores the relationship between natural resources and economic growth and considers the prospects for an amenity-driven growth that would benefit both new and traditional inhabitants of rural areas. Later chapters explore the politics of place spatial economics, and prospects for linking rural and environmental governance.

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