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讀李家同學英文=A little boy's dad .7 .小男孩的爸爸

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  我在此給讀者一個建議:你不妨先看看中文文章,先不看英文的翻譯,然後試著將中文翻成英文,我相信你一定會覺得中翻英好困難。翻完以後,再去看英文翻譯,相信可以學到不少,也可以寫出越來越像外國人的句子。-- 李家同




  All good things must come to an end: our Read R.C.T. Lee, Learn English series has finally drawn to a close.Besides enjoying Professor Lee’s wonderful stories,I hope you have improved your English.This is the biggest project I have ever worked on; among all the changes of the past three years of my life,it has always been with me. Because of all the hard work I’ve put into these seven books, they are very meaningful to me.And I’m convinced that as long as you really study each book,doing all the practice translations,memorizing all the sentence patterns,remembering all the vocabulary,and (perhaps most importantly) savoring all the  pleasures of learning,then there is no reason to doubt that you will benefit.As the proverb says,as you sow,so shall you reap.

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