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這個好玩:英國人為你寫的旅遊英文 .2

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  Do you enjoy a joke or perhaps laughing at life itself?

  Do you want to better your English without reading a lot of dull textbooks?

  If the answer is “yes” to both these questions then this book is for you.






Lots of young people, Europeans as well as Americans, dreamed of going to California.(第1站)


What a nice life, sunbathing in the daytime then hunting and playing at night! I’d like to be a Galapagos iguana in my next life.(第3站)

* 「當你身處於開發中國家時,可能會接到許多請求,甚至是看起來很有錢的中產階級也可能向你開口,也許是借錢,也許是投資一筆「穩賺不賠」的生意。而最好的回答,就是「謝啦,但是,不用了!」

When you’re in a developing country, you may get many requests, even from quite rich-looking middle-class people, to borrow money or invest in a business “which can’t fail.’ The best answer is, “Thank you, but NO THANK YOU!”(第6站)


“To our happy future.” Betty Williams, one of the richest women in Hong Kong clinked her champagne glass against mine. I could not understand whether the “future’ meant a future as one of her workers or a future as a boyfriend! The fact that she was thirty years older than me didn’t seem to trouble her, ... but it troubled me!(第7站)


Where is Asia’s biggest, brightest and most crowded seaside resort? It’s crazy Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand. Like Las Vegas, the fun goes on non-stop for twenty-four hours a day. Huge open-air beer halls are crowded with customers from all over the world: Germans, French, Swiss, Americans, etc., but NOT Thais.(第17站)




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