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The bible of the field. Easy-to-read and user-friendly, this book provides examples and applications that illustrate the major decisions hospitality marketing managers face in their efforts to balance objectives and resources against needs and opportunities in today's global marketplace. Real-world in focus, it reflects the authors' rich combination of both academic and international consulting experience in the hospitality and travel industries. An abundance of real-world examples and cases and experiential and internet exercises give readers extraordinary insight into marketing situations actually encountered on the job. Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing. The Role of Marketing in Strategic Planning. The Marketing Environment. Marketing Information Systems And Marketing Research. Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior. Organizational Buyer Behavior of Group Market. Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning. Designing and Managing Products. Internal Marketing. Building Customer Satisfaction through Quality. Pricing Products: Pricing Considerations, Approaches, and Strategy. Distribution Channels. Promoting Products: Communication and Promotion Policy. Promoting Products: Public Relations and Sales Promotion. Electronic Marketing: Internet Marketing, Database Marketing and Direct Marketing. Professional Sales. Destination Marketing. For Marketing Managers in any aspect of the hospitality and tourism industry.

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