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She was a booklegger : remembering Celeste West /

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She Was a Book leggercollects recollections, essays, and obituaries, with photos and reprints of Celeste's own writings from Synergy, Booklegger, Lesbian Polyfidehity, and Revolting Librarians Redux. While CW is probably best represented in three dimensions instead of two, this anthology is an attempt to capture what she's left behind. Section One includes memories of Celeste by longtime friends. some pieces describing her influence in publishing and librarianship, and obituaries from Lesbian Connection and her memorial service. Section Two is a selected group of photos of Celeste from various points in her life, including childhood and adolescence, creating Booklegger Press, protesting unclear weapons, working at the San Francisco Zen Center, and Ulimately being laid to rest. Section Three reprints writings from 1968 to 2002, this includes faesimile reproductions of her editorials, articles, and reviews in Synergy and Booklegger. We hope that this mixture of Celeste's words and images from those who miss her does justice to Celeste West's memory and legacy.

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