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Research methods for business : a skill-building approach /

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●Two new chapters (on Defining the Management Problem and on Drawing Conclusions) are included in this new edition of the book. Changes have been made in every chapter of the book. ●Chapter 2 (The scientific approach and alternative approaches to investigation), Chapter 4(Defining the Research Problem), as well as the chapters on Interviews, Measurement of Variables and Sampling have been substantially modified and updated in this edition. ●Examples, exercises and other pedagogical features have been revised and updated in all the chapters.●The structure of the book has not changed, but the storyline has been further improved. As in previous editions, the accessible and informal style of presenting information has been maintained and the focus on practical skill building preserved. ●Chapter 2 introduces and discusses alternative approaches to research. New in this chapter is a detailed discussion of a pragmatic approach to research. Subsequent chapters follow up on this by reviewing a range of topics (such as the definition of the management problem and the research problem) from a pragmatic perspective. The discussion of various approaches to research allows the readers to recognize and develop their personal ideas on research and how it should be done, to determine which kinds of research questions are important to them and what methods for collecting and analysing data will give them the best answers to their research questions.

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