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Writing in everyday language, using examples from everyday life, this book examines political events to create an interlocking and comprehensive assessment of what Anarchism is and how we might get there. It's a mixture of moral and practical argument that, despite its pedantic style at times, and some archaic language, has not been surpassed. It was the first attempt of an Anarchist to present his ideas in a thorough and cohesive way, ideas distilled from nearly forty years of activism. Berkman examines how change comes about - and, just as importantly for him, why it doesn't. Perhaps in a book filled with thoughtful and contentious points, the most salient discussion is why people continue to accept capitalism and all its institutions that oppress and repress individual freedom. For Berkman, human evolution was instinctively predicated on mutual aid and justice was a kind of instinctive sympathy that can only be hindered or corrupted by government. We start from there.

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