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Intermediate reader of modern Chinese /

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轉寄 列印
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This textbook, prepared for American students who have already completedtwo semesters of Chinese, does not "talk down" to the student, and itscontemporary subject matter will provoke classroom discussion.Successfully encouraging speaking as well as reading practice, thework progresses from correspondence and dialogue to short essays.Lessons 1 through 10 focus on college life in the United States, 11through 15 concern political and social issues in contemporary China,and 16 through 20 present biographies of three well-known figures inChinese intellectual history and analyses of the Chinese DemocracyMovement and the Tiananmen Square incident. Lessons 21 and 22 dealwith Chinese translations of foreign place names and the Gulf War andare designed to accustom students to reading Chinese newspapers. Thelessons in this text offer sufficient material for a two-semestercourse with five contact hours per week. For the text and vocabularytraditional and simplified characters are juxtaposed. The exercises ofeach lesson are included in the vocabulary volume. An index to theglossary is included.Audio and video materials are availablefor use with this text. For further information, contact the ChineseLinguistics Project, 231 Palmer Hall, Princeton University, Princeton,N.J. 08544. (609-258-4269).

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