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課本音檔iCrane App 免費下載 goolgle商店https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tw.com.crane.cmp&hl=zh_TW練習才能致勝,沒做過這本,別急著上考場!精選考題大公開!如臨考場的最真實體驗,熟能生巧掌握應試關鍵!多益考試改制重點:1. 調整題目配置比例2. 聽力測驗加入三人對談、圖表閱讀、句意分析題型。3. 閱讀測驗加入句子填空、通訊軟體訊息閱讀、三篇文章閱讀題型。面對多益改制不用怕!帶你全面破解考試題型,完全戰勝新制考試!100%全新五回全真試題!完全符合2018年全新制多益考試!Complete TOEIC® Skills: Five Practice Tests is a set of five full-length TOEIC® style tests intended for students who wish to practice their listening and reading skills in preparation for the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test. The book is ideal for test takers of all levels and provides extensive practice in answering TOEIC® style questions. By using the five tests in this book, test takers will gain exposure to the kinds of questions they will encounter on the actual test.Five Practice Tests can be used in several ways:● As the primary and secondary text in a TOEIC® preparation course● As practice for taking the TOEIC® test-taking skills● As a self-study guide for the TOEIC® TestFeatures● Five full-length TOEIC® style tests● 1,000 questions in the ETS TOEIC® format and content● More than 4 hours of audio in MP3 format● Separate booklets of each test are also availableComponents● Transcripts for all listening questions● Complete answer key for all 5 tests

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