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Microaggressions in everyday life /

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The essential, authoritative guide to microagressions, revised and updatedThe revised and updated second edition of Microagressions in Everyday Life presents an introduction to the concept of microagressions, classifies the various types of mircroagressions, and offers solutions for ending microagressions at the individual, group, and community levels. The authors--noted experts on the topic--explore the psychological effect of microaggressions on both perpetrator and the target person.Subtle racism, sexism, and heterosexism remain relatively invisible and potentially harmful to the wellbeing, self-esteem, and standard of living of many marginalized groups in society. The book examines the manifestations of racial, gender, and sexual orientation microaggressions and explores their impact. The text covers: researching microaggressions, exploring microaggressions in education, identifying best practices teaching about microaggressions, understanding microaggressions in the counseling setting, as well as guidelines for combating microaggressions. Each chapter contains with a section called "The Way Forward" that provides guidelines, strategies, and interventions designed to help make our society free of microaggressions. This important book: Offers an updated edition of the seminal work on microagressionsIncludes new information on social media as a key site where microagressions occurPresents updated qualitative findingsContains new coverage throughout the text with fresh examples and new research findings from a wide range of studiesWritten for students, faculty, and practitioners of psychology, education, social work, and related disciplines, the revised edition of Mircroagressions in Everyday Life illustrates the impact microaggressions have on both victims and perpetrators and offers suggestions to eradicate microaggressions.

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