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La Guerra Civil española /

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Considerada una obra maestra que arroja luz sobre una de las guerras más confusas del siglo XX.De una forma brillante y con detalles conmovedores, Hugh Thomas analiza este devastador conflicto en el que las esperanzas, los sueños y las creencias de este siglo estallaron en el campo de batalla.La Guerra Civil refleja, como si de un microcosmos se tratara, las tensiones que llevaron a Europa a la Guerra Mundial: de la puesta en juego de las maquinaciones de Franco y Hitler, a la tragedia de Guernica y la caída de aquellos que creían en la democracia. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION A masterpiece of the historian’s art, Hugh Thomas’s The Spanish Civil War remains the best, most engrossing narrative of one of the most emblematic and misunderstood wars of the twentieth century.Revised and updated with significant new material, including new revelations about atrocities perpetrated against civilians by both sides in this epic conflict, this "definitive work on the subject" (Richard Bernstein, The New York Times) has been given a fresh face forty years after its initial publication in 1961.In brilliant, moving detail, Thomas analyzes a devastating conflict in which the hopes, dreams, and dogmas of a century exploded onto the battlefield. Like no other account, The Spanish Civil War dramatically reassembles the events that led a European nation, in a continent on the brink of world war, to divide against itself, bringing into play the machinations of Franco and Hitler, the bloodshed of Guernica, and the deeply inspiring heroics of those who rallied to the side of democracy.Communists, anarchists, monarchists, fascists, socialists, democrats -- the various forces of the Spanish Civil War composed a fabric of the twentieth century itself, and Thomas masterfully weaves the diffuse and fascinating threads of the war together in a manner that has established the book as a genuine classic of modern history.

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