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Digital Marketing: Communicating, Selling and Connecting is an invaluable and vital tool for students seeking a comprehensive introduction to the subject of digital marketing. Written by a leading expert in the field, it is an unparalleled resource for students in marketing, as well as an accessible supplementary text for business and management students.Covering digital marketing’s background and development, its practical challenges and unique benefits, and its operational foundations, this textbook introduces both technological and marketing concepts. It culminates with discussion of the future of digital marketing in an increasingly networked world.Key Features:• In-depth introductions to the foundations and basic operating principles of digital marketing• Multiple chapters covering consumer decision making online, and how digital marketing affects the consumer• Chapters on service technology and visual design, for a deeper understanding of digital marketing• Coverage of digital marketing in both B2B and B2C contexts• Discussion of legal and ethical aspects of digital marketing• Discussion questions in each chapter to promote engagement with the material and deepen student understanding.Charles Hofacker has drawn on extensive expertise to create an invaluable resource. Written for undergraduate students of marketing and digital marketing this textbook will be useful for anyone looking for an introduction to the subject.

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