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Rich in examples from the real world, International Entrepreneurship illustrates how theory and practice go hand in hand. Specially designed for courses and tutors of International Entrepreneurship, this essential text discusses the opportunities and challenges facing internationalising entrepreneurial ventures. With clear and concise explanations of the current literature, the subject is explored from the different perspectives of social, cross-cultural and comparative entrepreneurship, as well as including analysis of the relationship to marketing and finance. Key features include: ? A dedicated overview illustrating the state of the art from the point of view of International Entrepreneurship, rather than from a general business context, allowing students to build in-depth knowledge on the topic from a single resource? Interesting and accessible international case studies provide insight into how real companies handle modern issues, preparing students for future entrepreneurial ventures. Examples include ofo, Nokero, Wonderbly, FacilityLive and Blueseed? Flexibility of use for instructors to fit their own context and needs, particularly for integrating into current entrepreneurship or business courses? Further reading references and supplementary example boxes allow students to extend their knowledge outside the lecture hall and inspire a passion for the subject? Case studies inspire a variety of activities for both theoretical discussion and practical applications and can easily be enriched and updated. International Entrepreneurship is a much-needed text for all IE courses, as well as an ideal supplementary text for postgraduate students studying entrepreneurship, international business, management, and marketing.

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