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Smartcities, resilient landscapes and eco-warriors /

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Following on from the success of the first edition ‘Smartcities + Eco-Warriors’ (2010),this book is the latest innovative response on urban resilience from one of the world’sleading urban design and architectural thinkers. An ecological symbiosis betweennature, society and the built form, the Smartcity cultivates new spatial practices andcreates diverse forms of resilient landscapes including and beyond urban agriculture.The notion of the Smartcity is developed through a series of international casestudies, some commissioned by government organisations, others speculative andpolemic. This second edition has nine new case studies, and additional ecologicalsustainability studies covering sensitivity, design criteria, and assessments forecological construction plans. The book concludes with two new essays on theromance of trees and the empowering nature of resilient landscape.‘Smartcities, Resilient Landscapes + Eco-warriors’ represents a crucial voicein the discourse of climate change and the potential opportunities to improvethe ecological function of existing habitats or create new landscapes which areconsidered beneficial to local ecology and resilience. It is indispensible reading forpractitioners and students in the fields of landscape, urban design, architectureand environmental engineering. An inspiration to government agencies and NGOsdealing with sustainability, this work also resonates with anyone concerned aboutcities, landscapes, food and water security, and energy conservation.

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