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Experimental research methods in sociolinguistics /

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Research Methods in Experimental Sociolinguistics is an accessible, user-friendly guide to the variety of different experimental methods used in sociolinguistics. The text steps through the “how-to” of experimental methods used to investigate variation in both speech production and perception. All throughout it is aimed at practice and application. Experimental methods are used to explain and map out causation: these methods are growing in popularity with linguistics and a book mapping these is much needed.Drager’s textbook takes the reader from defining the research question through to finding an appropriate research framework through to completing the project. Advice is given on ethics, how to measure production and perception and on how to construct and use corpora in this type of research. Both paid for and free tools are covered as well as statistics in experimental linguistics. The book includes a companion website with information on experiment-friendly software, sample experiments and suggestions for work to undertake.

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