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A critical introduction to phonology : functional and usage-based perspectives /

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Taking an interdisciplinary approach to phonological theory and analysis, A Critical Introduction to Phonology introduces the key aspects of phonology. Departing from the mainstream tradition, Daniel Silverman argues that the nature of linguistic sound systems can only be understood in the context of how they are used by speakers and listeners.By proposing that linguistic sound systems are the product of an interaction among sound (acoustics), mind (cognition), and body (physiology), Silverman focuses on the functional consequences of interaction. With a brand new introduction and new chapter sections on topics such as the 'F-tube' model and synchronic explanation, together with phonological examples from a large corpus of data, this fully-updated and expanded second edition features:- New data sets and exercises for step-by-step phonological problem-solving- An expanded and comprehensive glossary of phonological terms- A primer of phonetic principlesOffering a provocative introduction to phonological theory, A Critical Introduction to Phonology is essential reading for all students and researchers of phonology who are already familiar with the standard approaches. This book provides both a new theoretical background and the mechanical tools for truly successful phonological analyses.

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