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Slow tourism, food and cities : pace and the search for the "good life" /

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This book provides an in-depth examination of slow food, tourism and cities, demonstrating how these elements are intertwined with each other and the larger slow movement, as part of the modern search for "the good life." While slow tourism has been present as a concept and practice for years, organizationally and conceptually its principles are still emerging. This book systematically treats food, cities and tourism within the context of the larger alternative lifestyle movement with examples from Europe, USA and Brazil. Part 1 locates the ‘slow’ concept within the larger social setting of modernity and investigates claims made by the slow movement. It examines both the aesthetic and instrumental values behind the movement. Part 2 explores the practices and places of slow, containing both conceptual and empirical chapters. Finally, part 3 looks at the emergence of slow food, tourism and cities in a comparative perspective by examining the practices from Spain, UK, Germany and Brazil.

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