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From education to work : cross-national perspectives /

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Structural transformations in the international economy and the restructuring of work have made the transition from education to employment increasingly problematic. School-to-work pathways have become more socially segmented and the risk of underemployment and joblessness have increased for both vocationally and academically educated youth. This edited volume of empirical studies is based on a series of comparable longitudinal research projects that draw on survey and biographical data from certain important players in the international economy: the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Germany. These studies document that social and gender inequality is a persistent structural feature that restricts the possibilities to take advantage of educational opportunities and career options. Furthermore, this volume shows that different institutional arrangements play a crucial role in distributing transition opportunities in a more equal way. Researchers in psychology, sociology and policy makers in education and training will find this book to be a valuable and current resource.

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