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The development of catalysis : a history of key processes and personas in catalytic science and technology /

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top The Development of Catalysis


This book intends to present the high lights  of this fantastic revolution from the onset up to the modern days, in terms of the life and achievements of the great heroes of the catalytic era, trying to interpret and analyze in terms accessible to a large public, but preserving the precision and clarity of a scientific approach, the changes of paradigms that have characterized their research activity. It is important to underline that , although containing many historical and chronological details, the  book is not an history  of catalysis in strict sense  but rather a book on the sequence of catalytic processes discovered in the last 3 centuries .The book content is partitioned into 9 chapters mainly devoted to specific classes of processes and catalytic reactions. In each chapter the chronological sequence of the discoveries, their innovative character  and  the concise biographies of the main involved scientists are illustrated  and commented. The final ambition  of the book is not to give a complete  view of all industrial processes but fill the rarity of publications that cover the history of specific catalytic processes.

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