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Research methods for tourism students /

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top Research Methods for Tourism Students


This text encourages students to think about the importance of research in informing good practice and to appreciate the role that it plays in the tourism industry. Additionally, it provides students with innovative ideas and inspiration to undertake their own research work in Tourism and inform them of the wide diversity of research strategies and contexts that are available.The content is written from a researcher point of view and will provide a step by step guide to accomplish a research project or dissertation in the field of tourism. The reader is guided right from the beginning in selecting a topic for research, identifying research aims and objectives and research questions. It then assists the student researcher in determining which research methods are the most appropriate and practical means to answer a research question and to achieve the research aims and objectives. The reader is then shown how to analyse and interpret their data (quantitative and qualitative) as well writing up the research project. The book incorporates not only traditional research methods, but also contemporary techniques such as e ?methods as well as its data collection and analysis. Tourism specific research case study examples are integrated throughout to show application of theory, it reflects the distinct characteristics of the tourism industry by including both social science and business perspectives and way tourism research focuses more on understanding of actions and behaviour. It integrates a range of useful learning aids to aid navigation throughout the book, spur critical thinking and further students?knowledge.This book is visually accessible and whilst written in an engaging style nonetheless maintains academic rigor grounded in research and scholarship. This is essential reading for all Tourism students.

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