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The case writing workbook : a self-guided workshop /

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This book offers a modular set of chapters that focus specifically on challenges related to case writing. Exercises, worksheets, and training activities will help guide readers sequentially through the entire process of writing both a case and an instructor’s manual (teaching note).Designed as an individualized workshop to assist case authors to structure their writing, this book combines the easy-to-understand, student-focused language of the first edition with new material covering the latest developments and challenges in the world of case writing. These include:A section on writing cases in condensed time frames A new module on writing short cases in various formats A new module on turning research papers into teaching tools A section about growing communities of practice in a university An expansion of the student case writing module to include a section on case writing for graduate students Twelve new worksheetsA complete index to facilitate use of the bookFinishing all the book’s assignments will result in a complete case and instructor’s manual that can be tested in the classroom and submitted to a conference or journal. The Case Writing Workbook is a must for the shelf of any academic or student conducting qualitative research and looking to enhance their skill set.

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