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Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches /

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The Bestselling Text is Completely Updated and Better than Ever!
  The Third Edition of the bestselling text Research Design by John W. Creswell enables readers to compare three approaches to research-qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods-in a single research methods text. The book presents these three approaches side by side within the context of the process of research from the beginning steps of philosophical assumptions to the writing and presenting of research. Written in a user-friendly manner, Creswell's text does not rely on technical jargon. He cuts to the core of what a reader needs to know to read and design research in part by showcasing ideas in a scaffold approach so that the reader understands ideas from the simple to the complex.
Key updates to the Third Edition
.Presents the preliminary steps of using philosophical assumptions in the beginning of the book
.Provides an expanded discussion on ethical issues
.Emphasizes new Web-based technologies for literature searches
.Offers updated information about mixed methods research procedures
.Contains a glossary of terms
.Highlights "research tips" throughout the chapters incorporating the author's experiences over the last 35 years
The Instructor's Resource CD-ROM at http://www.sagepub.com/creswell3einstr/:
.Sample Syllabi
.PowerPoint Slide Sets
.Sample Student Proposals
.Suggested Studies Published in Journal Articles
.Application Activities and Tutorial
.Peer-Feedback Group Activities
.Study Design Group Activities
.End-of-Chapter Checklists
The Student Study Site at www.sagepub.com/creswellstudy offers:
.Sample Student Proposals
.Application Activities and Tutorials
.Peer-Feedback Group Activities
.Study Design Group Activities
.End-of-Chapter Checklists
  Research Design, Third Edition appeals to students taking research design and research methods classes throughout the social and behavioral sciences-from undergraduates to the most advanced doctoral programs.

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