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The Routledge companion to travel writing /

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內容簡介top The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing 簡介 The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing is both the ideal springboard for beginners new to the genre and an important resource for established researchers. Covering a broad range of historical, theoretical and cultural contexts for the study of travel writing, and combining critical surveys with close readings of individual travelogues, the volume provides a prospectus to the genre that reflects the very latest thinking in the field.The Companion four sections look in turn at:Key Debates & Critical Approaches ?summarizing crucial debates in the field, and exploring a range of critical methodologies relevant to the study of travel writingHistorical Overviews ?offering a chronological guide to the travel writing of different periods and culturesStyles, Modes, Themes ?providing more detailed analysis of a range of sub-genres and topics within travel writingImagined Geographies ?focusing on travel writing depiction, and imaginative mediation, of different regions and topographies around the world.Covering all the relevant topics and debates, from postcolonial studies and issues of gender and sexuality to visual culture, the travelling body and questions of reception and readership, this is an essential overview of the current state of travel writing studies, which will encourage the field to move in new and exciting directions.Contributors: Simon Bainbridge, Anthony Bale, Dlaith Bird, Shobhana Bhattacharji, Elizabeth A. Bohls, Wendy Bracewell, Kylie Cardell, Daniel Carey, Janice Cavell, Simon Cooke, Matthew Day, Kate Douglas, Justin D. Edwards, David Farley, Charles Forsdick, Corinne Fowler, Laura E. Franey, Rune Graulund, Justine Greenwood, James M. Hargett, Jennifer Hayward, Eva Johanna Holmberg, Graham Huggan, William Hutton, Robin Jarvis, Tabish Khair, Zo?Kinsley, Barbara Korte, Julia Kuehn, Scott Laderman, Claire Lindsay, Churnjeet Mahn, Nabil Matar, Steve Mentz, Laura Nenzi, Aed璯 N?Loingsigh, Manfred Pfister, Susan L. Roberson, Paul Smethurst, Carl Thompson, C.W. Thompson, Margaret Topping, Richard White, Gregory Woods

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