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內容簡介top ESP: English for Tourism and Hospitality (餐旅英文)〈第二版〉 簡介 Introduction of the Series This series recognizes the varied academic and professional English learning needs of college students as they prepare for different careers. By adopting the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) approach—one of the most effective EFL teaching methods used today—the series equips students with academic skills for English-speaking classrooms, while also providing relevant language training to ensure professional success. Features include ★ Authentic reading materials, focusing on issues related to tourism and hospitality ★ Collocation-based activities ★ Classroom tested materials and activities 目錄 Unit 1 The Tourism Industry Lesson 1: Careers in the Tourism Industry Lesson 2: Tour Design Lesson 3: Special Forms of Tourism Unit 2 Hotel Lesson 1: Hotel Amenities: Serving Travelers’ Needs Lesson 2: Enjoy a Great Stay at a Japanese Ryokan Lesson 3: Making Sense of Hotel ‘Star’ Ratings Unit 3 The Tourism Industry In Operation Lesson 1: Travel Fair Lesson 2: Conducting Tours Lesson 3: E-Commerce in the Tourism Industry Unit 4 Dining Lesson 1: Menu Lesson 2: Food Customs and Dining Etiquette Lesson 3: What Would You Like to Drink?

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