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The handbook of cognition and assessment : frameworks, methodologies, and applications /

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內容簡介top The Handbook of Cognition and Assessment 簡介 The Handbook of Cognition and Assessment is a state-of-the-art resource that brings together the most innovative scholars and thinkers in the respective fields to capture the changing landscape of cognitively grounded educational assessments. Under the lead editorship of a research director at the Educational Testing Service and an esteemed professor of educational psychology at the University of Alberta. as well as supported by an expert advisory board, it is written by an international team of contributors at the cutting-edge of cognitive psychology and educational measurement. It covers all elements of modern educational assessment, including conceptual frameworks. methodologies, applied topics, and emerging issues for the field. It offers a methodologically rigorous review of cognitive and learning sciences models for assessment purposes. as well as the latest statistical and technological know-how for designing, scoring, and interpreting results. The content is written in a style and at a level of technical detail that will appeal to a wide range of readers from both applied and scientific backgrounds. A much-anticipated resource for this fast-moving discipline, this Handbook will provide readers with an in-depth understanding of the diverse approaches. contextual uses, and methodological principles at play within educational assessment today.Andre A. Rupp is Research Director at Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton. New Jersey. where he works with teams that conduct comprehensive evaluation work for mature and emerging automated scoring systems. His research has focused on applications of principled assessment design frameworks in innovative assessment contexts as well as translating the statistical complexities of diagnostic measurement models into practical guidelines for applied specialists. Through dissemination and professional development efforts he is deeply dedicated to helping interdisciplinary teams navigate the complicated trade-offs between scientific, educational, political, and financial drivers of decision making in order to help shape best methodological practices for evidentiary reasoning for complex assessment design and deployment lifecycles.Jacqueline P. Leighton is Professor and Chair of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta. Canada. She is past Director of the University of Alberta's Centre for Research in Applied Measurement and Evaluation (CRAME). As a registered psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists, her research is focused on measuring the cognitive and socio-emotional processes underlying learning and assessment outcomes, including cognitive diagnostic assessment and feedback delivery and uptake. She has published in a variety of educational-measurement journals and is past editor of Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice.

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