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European media policy for the twenty-first century : assessing the past, setting agendas for the future /

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內容簡介top European Media Policy for the Twenty-first Century 簡介 This collection discusses the main conceptual and practical issues which have framed the academic analysis of communication and media policies in Europe over the course of at least the last decade, exploring the key issues that can set the agenda for the short to medium term in communication and media policy in Europe. In addition to their empirical subject matter, the chapters engage with questions such as: Have new/enriched theoretical and conceptual understandings emerged to explain recent and current phenomena in European media policy? How are these constituted? To what extent, and how, are they incremental or path-breaking in nature? What has their key contribution been and to what extent are they robust and flexible enough to help us understand other areas of communications policy now and into the future?

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