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Zero decibels : the quest for absolute silence /

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內容簡介top Zero Decibels 簡介 Have our noise-soaked lives driven us mad? And is absolute silence an impossible goalr the one thing that can save us? A lively tale of one man quest to find the grail of total quiet.---?I don know at what point noise became intolerable for me,?George Michelsen Foy writes as he recalls standing on a subway platform in Manhattan, hands clamped firmly over his ears, face contorted in pain. But only then does Foy realize how overwhelmed he is by the city noise and vow to seek out absolute silence, if such an absence of sound can be discovered.Foy begins his quest by carrying a pocket-sized decibel meter to measure sound levels in the areas he frequents mosthe subway, the local caf? different rooms of his apartments well as the places he visits that inform his search, including the Parisian catacombs, Joseph Pulitzer ilent vault,?the snowy expanses of the Berkshires, and a giant nickel mine in Canada, where he travels more than a mile underground to escape all human-made sound. Along the way, Foy experiments with noise-canceling headphones, floatation tanks, and silent meditation before he finally tackles a Minnesota laboratory anechoic chamber that the Guinness Book of World Records calls he quietest place on earth,?and where no one has ever endured even forty-five minutes alone in its pitch-black interior before finding the silence intolerable.Drawing on history, science, journalistic reportage, philosophy, religion, and personal memory, as well as conversations with experts in various fields whom he meets during his odyssey, Foy finds answers to his questions: How does one define silence? Did human beings ever experience silence in their early history? What is the relationship between noise and space? What are the implications of silence and our need for ithysically, mentally, emotionally, politically? Does absolute silenceactually exist? If so, do we really want to hear it? And if we do hear it, what does it mean to us?According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 30 million Americans suffer from environment-related deafness in today digital age of pervasive sound and sensory overload. Roughly the same number suffer from tinnitus, a condition, also environmentally related, that makes silence impossible in even the quietest places. In this respect, Foy quest for silence represents more than a simple psychological inquiry; both his queries and his findings help to answer the question ow can we live saner, healthier lives today??BR>Innovative, perceptive, and delightfully written, Zero Decibels will surely change how we perceive and appreciate the soundscape of our lives.

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