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《後殖民的賽伯格:哈洛威和史碧華克的批判書寫》The Postcolonial Cyborg: A Critical Reading of Donna Haraway and Gayatri Spivak 本書從界線、批判、抵抗這三條交互纏繞的向度去貫穿哈洛威和史碧華克的思想,分別就知識的基礎、倫理的可能以及行動的方向,去釐清共同生活的多重意義。 導論勾勒了本書的問題意識與具體計劃。第二章檢視兩位學者的批判意象,每一個批判意象都同時是行動的意向,涉及了界線協商、衝突、呈現與體現的多重權力鬥爭。第三章和第四章分別深入檢視兩位思想家的批判方法論,及其深層的世界圖像與行動意義。第五章結論則指出,在兩位思想家看似各有領域的思考軸線中,可以找到共通的實踐取向分別展現在她們差異的發言位置。 這個共同基礎是蘊藏在她們批判方法論中的對於強權與現狀的抵抗。這樣的抵抗表現在很多層面,其中必然也涉及對界線的重新思考、跨越與打造,此為兩位思想家共同指出的當代倫理責任。同時,她們之間的差異所在依然重要,尤其是各自迥異的發言位置所揭示的故事、隱喻和矛盾。此外,在所有的閱讀計畫中,我們都必須去尋找並建構自己賴以生存、思考與行動的語言。 身為後殖民的賽伯格,島嶼破碎的主體性需要不斷的跨越與重構。 英文簡介: This book discusses Donna Haraway’s and Gayatri Spivak’s theories from three interweaving dimensions of boundary, critique and resistance, and explores the meaning of living together in terms of the basis of knowledges, the possibility of ethics and the future of actions. The introduction provides an outline of the book as a whole. The second chapter examines the critical images in Haraway’s and Spivak’s works. These images imply particular intentions of action and the relevant power struggles about boundary negotiations, conflicts, representations and embodiments. Chapter 3 and 4 investigate respectively Haraway’s and Spivak’s methodologies of critique, and the underlying world images and their agential significance. The conclusion chapter points out that these two thinkers share some common orientations based respectively on their different positions of enunciation. Their common ground is the resistance to strong powers. The resistance is multifarious and inherent in their methodologies of critique, and involves rethinking, and reconstitution of boundaries. Their works point to the same ethical responsibility we face in the contemporary global world. However, their differences are as important as their common goals. Each in her own particular existential position of enunciation reveals unique stories, metaphors and contradictions. Meanwhile, we have to construct our own discourses in every reading project. It is only through these discourses we can begin to understand our own worldly existence, and to think and act for ourselves.

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